Encounter With Texas Hiker Leaves Bear Wounded

Glacier National Park. (NPS photo/file)

WEST GLACIER, Mont. (July 27, 2014) National Park Service rangers are searching for a bear that was wounded in an encounter with a hiker in Glacier National Park in Montana.

The encounter occurred Saturday morning on the Mt. Brown Lookout Trail on the west side of the park in Montana, park officials said.

The 57-year old hiker from Texas says he was hiking alone when a bear charged him from an area below the trail.

The hiker used his bear spray and then discharged one round from his handgun.

The bear ran away and the hiker, whose name was not released, wasn't hurt.

It's not known whether a grizzly or black bear was involved, but park rangers found evidence that the bear was wounded.

The trail has been closed until further notice while rangers search for the bear.