Local Couple's Wedding Threatened After Store Robbery

Anthony Caramanna and Melanie Grant (Courtesy photo)
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WACO (August 13, 2012)-A paint store robbery has put a Central Texas couple's wedding in jeopardy.

The Kelly Moore paint store at 4427 West Waco Dr. was robbed last Friday at around 6 p.m., Waco police said.

Anthony Caramanna was closing the store when a man walked in with a gun, and demanded money.

"He started going through the cash register and asked if I had anything on me. I told him I had my wallet on me," Caramanna said.

He then asked me to remove it from my pocket and throw it on the ground."

Caramanna said the robber made off with a little more than $1,000 of money from the cash register.

However, the thief made an even bigger score when he opened up Caramanna's wallet.

"My wallet had exactly $6,124 in it. It was money I had pulled out earlier in the day that I was going to use for my wedding expenses," Caramanna said.

Wedding rings, catering, a cake, flowers, plane tickets for the honeymoon, and costs allotted for renting out the Carleen Bright Arboretum in Woodway for the reception is what Anthony was going to put the money towards.

"It's been a series of if it can go wrong, it has," Caramanna's fiance Melanie Grant said.

"How do you get around just paying the bills now? We're cutting back as much as possible so that anything we got can go towards the wedding."

Anthony and Melanie now face a "do or die" situation.

They owe the Carleen Bright Arboretum $750 by Aug. 15, or they won't have a place to dance for the first time as husband and wife.

But Anthony says the most disheartening thing is not being able to give the woman he loves most, the wedding she deserves.

"I think that feeling is worse than having a gun in my face. It definitely hurts more," Caramanna said.

Waco Police says the suspect involved in the robbery was last see walking northbound on Esther.