Ex-Central Texas Prosecutor Acted Improperly, Judge Rules

Former Williamson County district attorney Ken Anderson. (File)

GEORGETOWN (April 19, 2013)—State District Judge Ken Anderson acted improperly when as Williamson County’s district attorney, he prosecuted a man who spent nearly 25 years in prison for his wife's murder before he was proven innocent.

District Judge Louis Sturns, of Fort Worth, said Friday he will issue an arrest warrant for Anderson on criminal contempt and tampering charges for his handling of the case of Michael Morton who was released in 2011 after new DNA test results showed he didn’t kill his wife in 1985.

His attorneys say Anderson hid evidence from Morton's defense that could have pointed to his innocence.

Anderson, who is now a judge, has denied any wrongdoing.

Anderson was sworn in as judge of Williamson County’s 277th District Court after serving as the county’s district attorney for nearly 17 years and as an assistant prosecutor for more than five years.