Executive Director of Texas Sports Hall of Fame Announces Retirement

Steve Fallon has announced his retirement as executive director of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame in Waco.

Fallon has served as Executive Director since 1997.

In a news release, Fallon revealed he recently received a clean bill of health after being diagnosed with colon cancer.

"I have two young children and a beautiful wife that I want to spend more time with," said Fallon.

"Resigning at this time will allow that for me."

During his tenure, the Texas Sports Hall of Fame doubled in size.

Fallon also worked to increase attendance and financial stability.

Fallon previously worked as a sports announcer for KWTX-TV and KWTX Radio.

He will step down on March 1.

Jay Black will assume Fallon's duties at the Texas Sports Hall of Fame beginning March 1 while a successor is found.