Worker Injured In Area Well Site Explosion Was Using Cutting Torch

(KBTX-TV photo)

ROBERTSON COUNTY (July 11, 2014) A 25-year-old man who was critically injured in an explosion at the site of an abandoned oil well in Robertson County was using a cutting torch to remove bolts from a catwalk atop a 12,000-gallon storage tank, state regulators said.

Texas Railroad Commission investigators say the 12,000-gallon tank contained oil sludge.

The worker was wearing a safety harness as he was thrown clear in the explosion Wednesday and then the safety line slammed him face-first into the hot steel, officials said.

The fire burned through a strap and the man fell to the ground.

KBTX-TV in Bryan reported that an abandoned well on the site was being capped at the time of the explosion.

The victim was the only person on the site, KBTX reported.

He was flown to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston.

His name and updated information about his condition have not been released.