Local Family Escapes Safely, But Loses Home To Fire

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NOLANVILLE (April 27, 2014) A family of four was left homeless by a fire that ripped through their mobile home.

The Nolanville Fire Department responded to the blaze at around 7:30 a.m. Sunday just off of FM 439.

Dominic Naples, 14, lives there and says the fire started outside near their deck.

His mother, father, and 4-year-old sister were all inside when he first saw the flames.

"I just immediately thought to myself that I need to get to my family," Naples said.

Unbelievably, Dominic and his family escaped unharmed.

News 10 was unable to reach a Nolanville Fire Department official regarding what caused the fire, but the family says their fire pit they were using near the deck the night before caused the fire.

Naples and his family were able to salvage a lot of things out of the house, but it's a total loss.

Thankfully, Naples says they've been offered to live in a nearby vacant mobile home by their property owner.

"This was a good house, but you know I can live without all the stuff inside, what I can't live without is my family and I'm just glad we're all OK," Naples said.