Family Says Local City Is Responsible For Sewage Flooding Their Home

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WOODWAY (March 24, 2012) -- In all the years that the Boyse family has lived in their Woodway home, never once had floodwater impacted them.

That changed on March 19th, within an hour of the rain beginning to fall, sewage began seeping up from the toilets, sinks, and bathtubs.

For hours sewage invaded the Boyse home, flooding there basement, master suite and the guest bathroom.

Home video shows the family trying to catch the water in bins and dump it out the windows of their home.

Darren Boyse said, "The information we got that night was that the system was backed up they had no place to go but our house."

When they called the city for help, they were told police were busy with other areas of the city flooding.

The next day the Boyse's personal home insurance company, State Farm, denied their claim.

They also filled a claim with the city of Woodway.

On Friday Darren was told that the cities claim would also probably be denied.

The Financial Director for Woodway says, that the claim has been passed onto the cities insurance company.

The family is now staying elsewhere and says the city should be held accountable for the damage the sewage caused.