Feral Hogs Trapped In Texas County Will Be Sent To Food Banks

HOUSTON (April 23, 2014) Some feral hogs trapped in Harris County will be butchered and the meat will be donated to food banks under the terms of a one-year $217,600 contract that Harris County Commissioners approved with J&J Packing Co.

Metal traps will be set up near two reservoirs and the hogs that are snared will be taken to a processing facility in Brookshire.

Brian Mesenbrink, a wildlife disease biologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, said trapping and processing can be costly and adds that wild pigs can carry diseases.

Commissioner Steve Radack says it's common for people to hunt and eat feral hogs.

His district last year secured a $630,000 federal grant to study hog removal, pay for traps and process 2,500 pigs.

The processing contract takes effect in May.