Fire Breaks Out At Local Industrial Plant

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WACO (January 29, 2014) Firefighters were battling a smoky fire Wednesday morning at a Waco company that makes parts for the air conditioning and heating industries.

(Photo by Christina Truong)

Firefighters were sent just before 9 a.m. to Packless Industries, at 8401 Imperial Dr., after a caller reported smoke filling one of the buildings.

Smoke from the fire was visible throughout West Waco.

Firefighters said they would have to breach a metal wall to get to the source of the fire.

The scene commander also asked for additional units to help ventilate the building.

The 12 people working in the building when the fire started were safelty evacuated, officials said.

Packless Industries makes coils that are used in the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration industries, according to its website.