Passerby Credited With Saving Temple Family’s Home

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TEMPLE (May 2, 2014) A fire in North Temple did about $20,000 damage to a family’s home, but it might have been worse had it not been for an alert passerby.

Josh Taube was driving in the 1300 block of North 13th Street Thursday afternoon when he spotted the flames and smoke coming from the eaves of the house.

It’s not a route he normally takes, but Thursday was an exception.

"I was driving over to a friend’s house to get a tiller for our adult mental health day program for Central County Services (because) we were having a garden project," he said.

"So I stopped and ran over and the neighbor hadn't noticed anything so all together we were able to call 911,” he said.

Firefighters got the call at around 3:20 p.m. Thursday.

Heavy smoke was coming from the eaves of the one-story home when the first crews arrived.

No one was home, but when neighbors contacted the residents to tell them about the fire, they learned that Mike and Roxanne Spradlin’s dogs were in the backyard of the burning house.

Taube again came to the rescue.

"They were scared, but they came to me and let me hold them and I held them until they calmed down and we put them in the neighbor’s house until the owners got home,” he said.

The Spradlins were cleaning up Friday when they met the Good Samaritan for the first time.

Roxanne Spradlin hugged and thanked him, saying, “Josh I'm just so grateful I really want to credit God, but I'm just so grateful that you looked...that you don't normally drive down this street and that you looked at the house and saw it, and responded."

The Spradlins moved into the house just three months ago.

"He saved our belongings and that’s amazing thing because the fireman told us we were minutes away from a big loss here," Mike said.

"The timing of it is great."