Local Firefighters Encounter Dangerous Situation While Battling House Fire

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KILLEEN (January 6, 2013)- Firefighters were forced to retreat from a house fire after flames begin rolling across the ceiling.

Killeen Firefighters were called to a vacant house fire on the 900 block of Mimosa Drive Sunday evening.

Upon arrival, they saw flames coming out of the doors and windows on the right side of the home, according to Kenneth Hawthorne, Administrative Deputy Chief Killeen Fire Department.

After fighting the fire from the outside, firefighters entered the home, only to pull out after seeing dangerous conditions.

"Found out later that they had a fire in the attic," said Hawthorne. "It kind of rolled over them so they had to evacuate the building for a short time and bring in a little bit bigger nozzle that flows more gallons per minute to actually knock the fire down."

There was no meter, but the house did have electricity. Oncor was called out to cut the power since there was fire damage to wiring inside the home.

Fire marshals and investigators are looking into the cause of the fire. There are several vacant homes on Mimosa Drive.

Called out to the fire were two engines, a ladder and rescue truck, command vehicles and an EMS unit for rehab for the firefighters.

According the Hawthorne, news policies require rehab for firefighters after their air bottle is used up, which takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

"The air bottles are pretty heavy and big," said Hawthorne. "The EMS rehab checks blood pressure, pulse, gives them fluids to drink and when they are ready, we put them back in there after it (fighting the fire)."