Fishing Boat Crew Rescues Four From Gulf SE of Galveston

GALVESTON (January 22, 2013)—A fishing boat crew came to the rescue of four people whose vessel capsized in the Gulf of Mexico about 100 miles southeast of Galveston, the Coast Guard said.

The crew also rescued a dog.

Nobody was hurt.

The captain of the sinking boat contacted the Coast Guard Monday morning to report his 31-foot vessel was taking on water.

The Coast Guard issued a broadcast alert with location coordinates for any nearby boats to help.

The crew of the fishing boat Blackjack, within about 40 minutes, found the capsized vessel and rescued the four people and the dog from the water.

Coast Guard cutter Skipjack retrieved the survivors from the Blackjack and transported them to Galveston.

The names of the rescued individuals weren't immediately released.