Local City Sued By Former Employee

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KILLEEN (September 7, 2013) --- The City of Killeen's former recreation superintendent filed a lawsuit against the city Thursday citing a violation of settlement terms that were reached in 2009.

The lawsuit was filed by Megian Douglass,

It alleges the city promised that if she resigned, it would not disparage her work record and would tell prospective employers that she resigned.

But the suit says that in a newspaper article in 2011 city officials violated the agreement by publicly denigrating Ms. Douglass.

Bill Aleshire, an attorney for Douglass, said after a settlement was reached with Douglass and the City of Killeen in 2009 she was paid back pay and told that city records would reflect that she resigned and was not terminated.

"Apparently ever since 2009 the city has been telling her perspective employers that she was terminated, that is a blatant violation of the settlement agreement and all this lawsuit seeks is to enforce the agreement, she's not asking for any damages she's asking them to take corrective action," Aleshire said.

Aleshire said Douglass was able to obtain employment after leaving the City of Killeen, but was passed over by some employers for positions she was qualified for and believes this may be the reason why.

Aleshire said city officials indicated this lawsuit may be brought up before the city council next week.