Former Fort Hood Police Officer Describes Gunfight With Hasan

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FORT HOOD (August 16, 2013)—Kimberly Munley, one of the two police officers who exchanged gunfire with Fort Hood gunman Maj. Nidal Hasan to end the November 2009 shooting rampage on post, testified Friday that Hasan shot her and then kicked her gun out of her hand.

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Munley identified Hasan, 42, as the gunman she and police Sgt. Mark Todd confronted on Nov. 5, 2009 outside Fort Hood’s Soldier Readiness Center.

She testified Friday that she was washing her patrol vehicle when she received the call about the shooting at the center.

When she arrived several minutes later, a soldier pointed her in the direction of the gunman and as she ran toward the building she saw Hasan, who began firing in her direction, she testified.

She testified that she heard Todd yelling at Hasan to drop the weapon and then said she saw the red flash of a laser come across her eyes.

She said she got into a prone position and tried to use the corner of the building as cover as Hasan fired in her direction.

“I fired an unknown amount of shots and he was running toward my direction continuing to fire rapidly (and) I realized he was not slowing down,” she testified.

“He rounded the corner and within 8 feet or so we began to blindly exchange fire,” she testified.

Munley said she was hit in the hand, thigh and knee and when she tried to fire at Hasan her weapon “had a malfunction” and would not fire.

"I see him standing over me trying to fire his weapon as well and his weapon was not firing,” she testified.

She said Hasan kicked her weapon out of her hand.

Then, she said, she heard Todd again order Hasan to drop his weapon and then “the shooter went down and then I heard more gunshots.”

“I see him go down and scoop myself against the wall and tried to put pressure on what I knew was an arterial wound,” she said.

Todd was not injured.

Earlier Friday, FBI Special Agent Donna Cowling, who was sent to Hasan’s apartment after the shooting, said the apartment was almost empty.

“It wasn’t so much what we saw,” she said, “it was what we didn’t see.”

She said agents found no furniture, no food, no dishes, few items of clothing and nothing in the bedroom.

The only furnishings in the apartment were a card table, a prayer rug, and a shredder, she testified.

Agents also found rubber bands, a roll of paper towels, an empty box for a laser sight, disposable gloves, a cleaning solvent for firearms, a box of .357 caliber ammunition, an empty box of 5.7×28mm ammunition and the owner’s manual for a Five-seven Hurstal pistol, the weapon Hasan used in the shooting.

Hasan, who is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder in the deadly rampage, is defending himself, but has said little during the proceedings.

He could be sentenced to death if convicted.

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