Former Justice Of The Peace Name In Federal Complaint

McLennan County Justice of the Peace Jean Laster Boone. (File)
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WACO (August 23, 2014) Former McLennan County Justice of the Peace Jean Laster Boone, who resigned her office after she was caught up in a mileage scam to defraud the county, has now been named in a federal complaint that charges theft from the Social Security Administration.

Federal court records show she was named guardian for a friend who died but Boone kept receiving Social Security benefit checks in his name and cashing them.

One of her defense attorneys says she’s already repaid $16,517 to the federal government, which is the amount federal prosecuors say she took.

When her friend, Robert Martin Davis, died in 2010, Boone was named cosignatory for his accounts, which included the Social Security checks, Jim Dunnam, one of her attorneys said.

Social Security investigators learned when they tried to contact Davis last year that he had died.

When they checked his bank account, they found that $63,000 had been deposited since his death but more than $16,000 was missing.

Boone admitted she used the money to make repairs on her house.

There was no arrest warrant issued for Boone but federal magistrate Judge Jeffrey C. Manske has ordered her to appear in his court on September 11.

Federal documents say she has agreed to plead guilty to the theft charge.

When Boone admitted she had falsified county mileage records judge Ralph Stroher sentenced her to serve 3 years on probation and pay $6,120 in fines, plus serve 300 hours community service.

Boone, 62, now faces up to 10 years in federal prison and a fine of up to $250,000.