Former Texas Parole Officer Who Accepted Bribes Faces Prison Sentence

DALLAS (January 24, 2013)--Former Texas parole officer Nichelle Derricks, 37, of Cedar Hill, faces as much as 20 years in prison for accepting bribes from a man she supervised and not reporting his alleged financial violations.

Federal prosecutors in Dallas said Derricks of pleaded guilty to honest services wire fraud.

She will be sentenced in April.

Court documents indicate Derricks was a Texas Department of Criminal Justice official when she had an improper relationship with the male parolee.

His name and further details on his criminal record have not been released.

Investigators say Derricks received cash, gifts, furniture, food and other valuables from the parolee.

Derricks admitted she failed to report violations such as the parolee taking part in prohibited financial transactions and traveling outside Texas without prior approval.

Derricks was indicted last October.