Fort Hood Shooting Survivor Released From The Hospital

Maj. Patrick Miller (Courtesy photo)
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FORT HOOD (April 17, 2014) Maj. Patrick Miller, was seriously wounded in the shooting rampage on post earlier this month, has returned home from the hospital and is continuing to recover.

Miller left Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center Tuesday and returned home to Harker Heights with his wife to recover from surgery he underwent to remove a bullet after he was shot in the stomach by Spc. Ivan Lopez.

Miller was in one of the buildings where Lopez opened fire on April 2, after an argument over his request for leave from Fort Hood.

Lopez killed Sgt. Timothy Owens, Staff Sgt. Carlos Lazaney-Rodriguez and Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Ferguson, and injured 16 other soldiers including Miller, before taking his own life after a female MP confronted him in a parking lot.

"You do your job and at that moment you don't have time to think. It’s fight or flight and I just wanted to save as many people as I could," Miller said.

Miller has been credited with saving lives by helping soldiers get to a safe place during the shooting even after he was wounded.

"I was dialing 911 in one hand while putting pressure with the other I ran across the room to secure the other side of the office," Miller said.

Since the shooting, he’s been called a hero and praised for his bravery.

U.S. Rep John Carter, R-Round Rock, called him very courageous for helping others get away from the gunman.

But Miller said on the day of the shooting he wasn't trying to be a hero, he was just doing the right thing.

"The ones I consider heroes are the ones that never make it home the folks that never get the return to their families and really make the ultimate sacrifice, that's who've I've always considered heroes," he said.

Miller was first deployed to Iraq in 2003, where he led a platoon that provided combat health services.

He served as a financial officer at Fort Drum in northern New York until last summer, when he moved to Fort Hood and became a brigade comptroller.