Free Law Classes Draw Big Crowd

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WACO (February 15, 2013) The Baylor Law School held its ninth annual People's Law School on Saturday.

There were 18 courses offered, ranging from consumer law, to health, to gun laws.

The classes were free to attend, and aimed at helping to educate people about their legal rights.

"People appreciate getting answers to questions they have about things they don't understand, getting general information to help them in their personal lives or in their businesses," said the director of the program, Patricia Wilson.

It's put on by the Baylor law school and volunteer attorneys.

The purpose of the People's Law School is to make the law user friendly.

"I'm excited that they offer so many topics that cover a broad perspective of things, things that you would be encountered with," said Wanda Oliver who attended the classes.

Wilson said more people attend every year.

After nine years of success, there is just one criticism.

"Probably the biggest criticism about the people's law school is that we don't do it often enough," said Wilson.

"We do it once a year and people always want us, when they comment about that, they ask us if we could do it more frequently."