Free Ride Is Over On Texas Toll Road With 85 MPH Speed Limit

LOCKHART (November 12, 2012)--The free ride is over for drivers on a Central Texas toll road with the nation's fastest speed limit at 85 mph.

The 41-mile final leg of the roadway linking the Austin and San Antonio areas opened Oct. 24, but tolls were temporarily waived for that stretch.

On Sunday the SH 130 Concession Co. began charging tolls on the new segment, which is meant to help relieve traffic on Interstate 35.

The company developed and manages the toll road through a contract with the Texas Transportation Commission.

Motorists with state electronic toll tags must now pay about 15 cents per mile, up to $6.17 for the full 41 miles.

Drivers without toll tags will be billed $8.21 for the full length. Rates are higher for trucks.