Galveston Officials Consider Public Housing Options

GALVESTON (August 28, 2012)—Officials in Galveston, which is still recovering from Hurricane Ike, will consider four public housing options ranging from rental vouchers to rebuilding after Galveston Housing Authority members voted Monday to offer the recommendations.

The Galveston City Council scheduled a special meeting Tuesday.

City leaders must decide by Saturday on replacing 569 units destroyed in the 2008 hurricane or risk losing $586 million in government assistance. A

federal agreement reached two years ago requires rebuilding.

The Galveston County Daily News reported that one plan would combine building new units and vouchers, while another would mean buying 150 apartments and using vouchers.

A third option would involve just vouchers and a fourth would send the dispute to a federal judge.

Meanwhile, the housing authority's executive director, Stanley Lowe, has resigned effective Tuesday.