“Gypsy Pavers” Hit Central Texas Homeowners

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WACO (February 19, 2012) -- Out-of-town asphalt crews or so-called "gypsy pavers" have arrived in Central Texas.

Some local businesses and even several homeowners have been targeted by groups of itinerant asphalt contractors who say they have some leftover asphalt from a job they just finished and can offer a great deal on re-paving the driveway.

"give them a real discount or a real bargain on fixing their driveway as long as they can pay in full today and the job will be done in full today," said Richard Kitterman, of the Central Texas Better Business Bureau. "(It's a) hard sell, high pressure type tactic, suggests that you have to make that decision right now, the asphalt is hot, it's got to be laid while it's still hot, you have to hurry up and make up your mind right now."

But the deals that are too good too be true often aren't and leave consumers in a bigger hole than the ones they started out with.

The work done on the driveway either deteriorates by the time the asphalt crews leave or the crews come back asking for more money than originally agreed upon.

The BBB warns that extreme caution should always be used when dealing with itinerant paving contractors and that consumers should always ask for references when dealing with any business.