Help Sought For Pony, Foal Burned In Texas Barn Fire

Bella and Butterscotch after the fire. (Humane Society of North Texas photo)

FORT WORTH (April 21, 2014) The Humane Society of North Texas is taking donations for the care of a pony and her foal severely burned in a barn fire south of Fort Worth.

A heating lamp in a stall shorted out and ignited the fire early on April 6, near Alvarado, the society said.

The pony, named Bella, received life-threatening burns while trying to shield her foal, Butterscotch, from the flames.

The foal received several smaller burns.

The owners realized they couldn’t care for the badly injured pony and contacted the society, which in turn enlisted volunteers to provide around-the-clock care over the last two weeks.

The society is hoping to raise about $4,000.