Highway 6 Chase Ends In Crash; Toddler Was Riding In The Car

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BRYAN (April 8, 2012)--A Bryan man was facing charges Sunday and his 2-year-old son was in the hospital after a high-speed chase on Highway 6 in Brazos County.

The incident shut down northbound traffic for almost an hour Saturday afternoon.

Department of Public Safety Troopers say the 22-year-old man led them on a 30-mile chase from Grimes County into southern Brazos County Saturday afternoon that ended in a crash that could have been catastrophic.

Debris littered Highway 6 in Brazos County after the Chevrolet Caprice crashed.

DPS Trooper Ken Balzekas initiated the chase after trying unsuccessfully to stop a speeding car on Highway 6 near the Grimes and Waller County lines.

"We were up near 120 during the pursuit but when we started coming into the thick of traffic he was forced to slow down due to traffic and that's probably what saved him from any serious injury," Balzekas said.

During the pursuit Trooper Balzekas noticed a small child's head pop into view.

"I didn't want to hurt the child inside the car," he said.

Troopers deployed spike strips to bring the pursuit to an end.

"They attempted to go around the spikes when he did that his back end of his vehicle broke loose and it sent him into a side skid he actually skid right into the spikes and hit the wall," he said.

The man and his son escaped serious injury when their car crashed into a concrete barrier at an estimated 75 miles an hour.

Authorities said the child was not in a child seat and was not secured.

They two were taken to College Station Medical Center for observation.

Northbound Highway 6 was reopened to traffic a little bit after 6 p.m. Saturday.