Historians Dub Baylor Homecoming As Oldest In America

1909 Baylor Homecoming Parade
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WACO (October 28, 2012)-- It's been called the largest homecoming celebration in the nation, but the Smithsonian Museum has added a new title to Baylor's annual homecoming events this year.

Recently, historians declared Baylor's homecoming as the oldest in the nation. Baylor's first homecoming was in 1909, and 65-year-old Sally Firmin's grandfather was there for it.

"He was involved in homecoming when they started having it here at Baylor," Firmin said.

Firmin has been going to Baylor Homecoming since the 1950's.

In the late 60's, Firimin was a float chair at Baylor. She spent countless hours organizing and designing for the homecoming parade.

"Working on a float is such great fun," Firmin said.

"I didn't realize it at the time, but some of those skills I learned then I've carried over into adult life."

Homecoming festivities will kickoff at Baylor this Friday.

The Smithsonian Museum has decided to include pictures from Baylor's first homecoming in their 2014 traveling exhibit.

Five copies of the exhibition will travel simultaneously to small towns across the country through the Smithsonian's Museum on Main Street program.

Firmin says that news isn't just a win for Baylor, but for the greater Waco community.

"In my way of thinking, it's just one more thing that makes our community a really special place," Firmin said.