Holiday Weekend Was Deadly On Texas Waterways

AUSTIN (May 27, 2014) The long Memorial Day weekend was one of the deadliest on record for people using Texas waterways, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said Tuesday.

Over the three-day weekend, game wardens investigated seven drownings and four other deaths that resulted from boating accidents.

The Parks and Wildlife Department said Tuesday that wardens issued hundreds of water safety citations, including 31 to people charged with boating while intoxicated, seven for driving while intoxicated, 14 for public intoxication and another 36 for drug-related offenses.

The agency said there were 21 boating accidents statewide that resulted in two serious injuries.

“Texas game wardens will remember this Memorial day weekend for years to come,” said Lt. Col. Danny Shaw, deputy director of law enforcement for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

“Tragically, this was one of the deadliest three-day holidays in recent memory.”

There were also seven emergencies that required search-and-rescue teams, and wardens assisted residents during flash flooding in Archer, Lubbock, Medina and other counties.

“The work conducted by our game wardens over the weekend is a testament to their professionalism,” said Col. Craig Hunter, TPWD director of law enforcement.