Home Catches Fire, Injured Resident Found At Nearby Restaurant

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KILLEEN (March 3, 2013)--Police are investigating the cause of a house fire and why one of the residents was found injured at a nearby restaurant.

It happened around 9 p.m. on Sunday at a home on Longview Drive and Jefferies Avenue.

When firefighters arrived, they found a woman in the front yard screaming that her son was still inside the home, said Killeen Police spokesperson Ofelia Miramontez.

Firefighters searched the home and did not find anyone.

Moments later, police received a call from a Jack in the Box restaurant across the street from the home saying there was an injured man there, Miramontez said.

That's where officials found the son who had cuts on his body.

He was transported to Scott & White Hospital in Temple with non-life threatening injuries.

Miramontez said the son jumped out of one of the home's windows.

The cause of the fire and why the son jumped out of the window are all still under investigation.

Police said six homes nearby were evacuated due to the fire but were all given clearance to return home later that night.