Humane Society Supporters Petition City To Do More

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Waco (September 10, 2012)-- It's a petition that's growing by the day. Started last week, we're told by a Humane Society of Central Texas supporter.

At last check, nearly a thousand supporters from across the state of Texas and the country have signed up, leaving their thoughts about the turmoil going on at the shelter.

The petition states, "Build a new animal shelter, Hire more employees: The shelter we have is antiquated, cold, wet, dirty and depressing. It is not adequate to accommodate the needs of this area. A new shelter with more employees and better management will show that Waco/McLennan County is a forward thinking and caring city."

Its urging the city of Waco, as it takes over operations, to make improvements to the shelter.

In recent weeks, the Humane Society has been criticized about the condition of the shelter, how the animals are kept, and its former executive director was fired after a scathing email she sent to one of the volunteers.

We contacted the city of Waco's Legal Department to ask if this online petition could carry any weight if enough signatures are recorded.

Still no word, however for the supporters who have given their time, money, and energy, they say they are hopeful the Humane Society will recover.