Hundreds Of Rounds Of Live Ammo Found In Texas Recycle Bin

CORPUS CHRISTI (February 3, 2013)--A Corpus Christi resident had the right intentions, but made the wrong move in dumping a few hundred rounds of live ammunition in a recycle bin.

Workers found the ammo as they hand-sorted the bin’s contents.

Solid Waste Director Lawrence Mikolajczyk says someone figured because the rifle and pistol ammunition is metal, it was OK for recycling, but he said the bullets could have become wedged in a machine and discharged.

A truck made the pickup Thursday and the ammunition was found during sorting on Friday.

Bullets and shell casings can be recycled, but through the police department, not the solid waste department.

In the two years since the city began its curbside-recycling program, sorters also have stumbled upon used syringes, a chain saw and two dog carcasses.