Neighborhood Watch Meeting Turnout Impressive

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KILLEEN (January 16, 2014) -- Almost two dozen new households were added to the list for the grassroots effort in one local neighborhood aimed at taking back the streets from burglars who've terrorized residents recently.

(Photo by Rachel Cox)

In the past three months there have been 11 home and business burglaries within a half-mile of the intersection of Levy Lane and Julie Jacqueline Drive in Killeen, according to online records.

Most of the break-ins have been residential, the records show.

Vandalism has also been a problem.

On Thursday the meeting was focused on getting to know one another in the neighborhood.

Estela Ibarra was there and said she wanted to come out to meet the people who live around her since oftentimes people move in and out of the neighborhood fairly quickly because they are in the military.

Dwayne Green, a member of the group, stressed the importance of watching out for suspicious characters on their streets to help police crack down on crime.

"This is by no means a way for us to try to play police, we are not police and we are not gonna try to do what police do but this is a way for us to come together as a neighborhood watching out for each other," Green stressed to the crowd.

On Thursday afternoon while an officer was talking with residents nearby one neighbor reported a suspicious man in a car that he'd seen going to various houses.

Killeen Police said officers investigated and made an arrest of one suspect after he was found to be in possession of drugs.

The group has set of a Facebook page and will have a KPD officer present at their next meeting on Jan. 30.

Currently the group is asking that residents take the time to walk in pairs through the neighborhood to help keep watch.

Group members stressed that residents not walk alone and not become involved with suspicious individuals if they are spotted.

The group will be electing block captains who will be in contact with people nearby to keep track of vehicles that should be at certain homes and know when a resident will be out of town so they can keep watch.