Infant Who Was In Stolen Car Found Safe On Texas Roadside

Police Squad Car Lights

GILMER (November 22, 2012)--A 1-year-old East Texas infant was back with his mother Thursday after a car thief who stole the vehicle he was in left him on the side of a road.

Police in Gilmer say that the infant was safely secured in the backseat as the woman was unloading boxes from the vehicle when a 31-year-old man stole the car Wednesday.

Police found the baby 25 minutes later on the side of a county road, still in the car seat and unharmed.

The car thief was later found inside a home near Gilmer, located 120 miles east of Dallas.

Sgt. Investigator Roxanne Warren says the man, whose name was not released but who is from Houston, will be charged with aggravated kidnapping.