Intense Fire Destroys Two-Story Home

WACO (November 30, 2012)—Firefighters Saturday morning were back at the scene of a raging fire destroyed an old two-story house Friday night in Waco trying to douse the last few hot spots.

By Saturday morning there was little left of the house save for a pile of rubble that firefighters were using a backhoe to sift through looking for anything that might still be ablaze.

The alarm went out just before 7:30 p.m. in the area of 11th and Bosque but when firefighters arrived they found the fire at 11th and Morrow.

Smoke was pouring from the top of the house when the first units arrived but within minutes fire had broken through the second floor and was consuming the roof.

Assistant Waco fire Chief D.C. Yeager immediately called for a second alarm.

Flames began shooting more than 70 feet in the air and firefighters went on the defensive to try to keep the intense blaze from spreading to other houses.

So intense was the heat that people who had been standing across the street from the burning home had to retreat.

Yeager said he believed the house was vacant but that had not been confirmed, however a another assistant chief who spoke with News 10 on Saturday morning said there was no evidence that anyone was living in the house at the time of the fire.

At one point two aerial trucks were pouring water on the fire from above.

The roof eventually collapsed, as did the awning over the front porch.

Yeager said a fire marshal had been called to the scene but he also said firefighters would likely be at the scene all night.

The was no word on how the fire might have started.