Itchy Nose, Watery Eyes? There’s A Reason

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(August 5, 2014) Ragweed is in the air and over the next few weeks it’s only going to get worse, to the dismay of area allergy sufferers.


“This is the time we all expect that you begin to be assaulted with the typical allergy symptoms of runny nose, and teary eyes and swelling and misery and cough and sneezing,” said Dr. Tim Martindale, a Waco family practitioner.

The allergy-afflicted have a number of options to use in the battle against the onslaught.

Zyrtec, Claritin, Allegra and Benadryl are the over-the-counter drugs that are most effective, Martindale says, and they’re all available as generics.

Benadryl should be taken carefully because it can cause drowsiness, he said.

And there’s even a simpler weapon sufferers may want to add to their allergy arsenals, he says.

“The pollen comes in through the nose so if you use saline and keep rinsing the nose, you can also wash the pollen away,” he said.