Judge Imposes New Terms In Controversial Texas Rape Case

Sir Young (Jail photo)

DALLAS (May 8, 2014) State District Judge Carter Thompson Thursday imposed a series of probationary requirements for a 20-year-old man convicted of raping an underage schoolmate.

State District Judge Jeanine Howard sparked a backlash earlier when she sentenced the defendant, Sir Young, to five years of probation and declined to impose standard conditions of probation for sex offenders.

Howard later recused herself and prosecutors asked the court to reconsider the terms of Young's probation.

Thompson imposed the standard terms Thursday, which include attending treatment.

Howard had questioned whether the victim embellished her story and said Young "is not your typical sex offender."

The girl testified she told Young "no" and "stop" several times, but the judge told The Dallas Morning News the teenager "wasn't the victim she claimed to be."

Howard said medical records suggested the girl had three sexual partners and had given birth, which the girl’s mother denied.

Young was 18 and the victim 14 when the incident occurred in 2011 at a Dallas high school.