Jury Takes 10 Minutes To Find Accused Killer Guilty, 12 To Decide Sentence

John Arabie (Jail photo)
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WACO (November 15, 2012)--It took a jury only 12 minutes to decide to sentence a Waco man to life in prison after convicting him earlier in the day of murder.

After the jury's verdict Judge Ralph Strother sentenced John Carl Arabie, Jr., to life in prison for the October 2011 murder of David Lloyd Sanders, 74, who was shot and killed as he looked out a side door after a man rang the doorbell of his home in the 4100 block of Hubby Avenue.

After listening to only a day-and-a-half's testimony and deliberating for only 10 minutes, the jury found John Arabie guilty of murder Thursday morning.

Arabie, who turned 34 Thursday, appeared in civilian clothes for the first time since his trial began on Tuesday, previously opting to appear in his black-and-white striped jail jumpsuit.

“This jury sent John Carl Arabie, Jr. and all criminals in McLennan County a message that justice for a senseless act like this is a life sentence," the McLennan County District Attorneys Office said in a statement Thursday afternoon.

"This verdict will help the victim’s family to close the door on this painful time in their lives.”

Sanders' wife told police officers at the time of the shooting that a man wearing a black shirt and white pants began ringing the doorbell at around midnight on the night her husband was shot.

She said the man then went around to a side door where her husband was shot in the head as he looked out to see who was outside.

His wife found him bleeding and called 911.

Officers spotted a man matching the description of the gunman a short time later in the 4000 block of West Waco Drive not far from the victim's home.

The man ran from officers, but was arrested as he tried to hide.

Arabie bought a car from Sanders several weeks before the murder.