Jury Selection Begins In Controversial Central Texas Murder Case

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SAN ANGELO (March 18, 2013)--Jury selection started Monday in San Angelo for the trial of a man charged in a Central Texas murder case that has attracted national attention because the original defendant was wrongfully convicted and served 25 years in prison.

Mark Alan Norwood is charged in the beating death of Christine Morton in 1986.

She was killed as she lay in bed in the home she and her husband shared in Williamson County.

Investigators say new DNA tests on a bloody bandanna found near Morton's home points to Norwood as the killer.

Morton's husband Michael was convicted of the killing but was later exonerated by the same DNA test results that implicated Norwood.

Morton, 58, was freed in 2011.

A district court judge eventually will decide whether the man who prosecuted Morton, Ken Anderson, should face criminal charges on allegations he intentionally hid evidence from Morton's defense attorneys.

Anderson is accused of not turning over all documents that could have proved Morton’s innocence.

Anderson was sworn in as judge of Williamson County’s 277th District Court after serving as the county’s district attorney for nearly 17 years and as an assistant prosecutor for more than five years.