Kidnapped Man Rescued From Trunk Of Car At Texas Border Crossing

HIDALGO (November 3, 2011)--Police at a South Texas border crossing rescued a bound and gagged man from the trunk of a car headed for Mexico.

The incident happened early Tuesday at the Hidalgo border crossing, seven miles south of McAllen.

Police Capt. Robert Vela said an officer who was monitoring Mexico-bound traffic spotted a car driven by an unusually young male.

When he stopped the car, he heard a thumping noise coming from the trunk.

The driver was removed from the car and handcuffed.

When officers opened the trunk, they found a man who was gagged and whose arms and ankles were bound.

Vela said the man, who’s a U.S. citizen, told officers he had been held captive for two to three days.

No one had reported him missing.

Police reports say the young male who was driving the car, who’s also a U.S. citizen, was placed in juvenile detention.