Killeen's Annual City Budget Reflects Growth

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KILLEEN (September 11, 2012)-New police officers, patrol cars, and better healthcare premiums are in store for the City of Killeen.

The good news? Taxes won't be raised at all.

Killeen's City Council approved its annual budget for the upcoming fiscal year on Tuesday afternoon.

Twelve new police officers and twenty five new patrol cars were included in the budget approved by city council members.

This increases the total number of Killeen's officers from 244 to 256.

The budget for healthcare premiums allocated for city employees decreased 21% from 6.6 million in last year's budget, to 5.3 million in this year's budget.

A 2% "cost of living" pay raise was also allocated for all city employees.

Killeen's City Manager Glenn Morrison said cost saving measures and an increase in sales tax revenue helped carve the budget.

"We try to be as efficient as we possibly can. We review things very thoroughly each year and hopefully we can come back next year and have more efficiencies that we can contribute," Morrison said.

For Dan Corbin, Killeen's Mayor, approving the budget couldn't have gone smoother.

"This is our first budget working together as a team, and I think we did an outstanding job," Corbin said.

Killeen's new officers will effectively join the force after schooling next summer.