Call Center Evacuated For Gun Threat

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LACY LAKEVIEW (April 19, 2014) Employees at a local call center were sent home early Friday afternoon after a report that a man planned to bring a gun to the facility.

Lacey Lakeview Police Chief John Truehitt said they got a tip around 3 p.m., Friday from someone who overheard two employees at the General Dynamics Information Call Center getting into an argument.

Truehitt said the caller said a man said he was leaving and would return later that afternoon with a gun to settle the argument.

The police notified supervisors at the facility located at 1205 N. Loop 340 in Lacy Lakeview who then sent out an email to all employees telling them any one coming to work would be sent home.

Employees in the building were placed on lockdown as police from Lacy Lakeview, Bellmead, and TSTC secured the facility outside.

Truehitt said no one ever showed up with a gun but police are still investigating who made the threat.