Layoffs Loom At Local Call Center; Company Won’t Say How Many

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TEMPLE (August 22, 2013)—Some employees of the Sprint Call Center in Temple will be laid off this fall as part of the elimination of about 800 positions across the country, but the company isn’t saying how many local workers will lose their jobs.

Sprint Communications Manager Jennifer Schuler said some business customer support and technical support employees were told Thursday that their positions will be eliminated in October, but would not say how many local workers would be affected.

Layoff notifications will continue through September, she said.

Several workers told News 10 Thursday they were offered severance pay.

The center opened in 2001 in Temple and the company once identified it as one of its top three performing call centers in North America.

Three years ago the company added 100 positions to the Temple call center in anticipation of increased demand for services coinciding with the rollout of its 4G network and the launch of new devices.

Schuler said Thursday the looming cuts are the result of fewer customer calls to the centers.

The company's Customer Management and IT Business Unit has more than 15,000 employees total, Schuler said.