Liquid K-2 Seized In Raid On Local Business; May Be First In The Area

Nabil Hakim (Jail photo)
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WACO (March 7, 2013)--A Waco man already facing a list of charges involving drugs, money laundering and falsifying government documents was jailed Thursday, facing new charges after a raid on a local business.

Nabil A. Hakim, 63, was arrested Wednesday afternoon after McGregor police and other law enforcement agents served a search warrant at a business on North 19th Street in Waco where police say he was planning to move a smoke shop from a location that was raided and closed down last September.

U.S. Drug Enforcement agents who participated in the raid Wednesday confiscated a significant amount of what they believe is liquid K-2, which local police say may be a first in the area.

"They (the DEA agents) think its liquid K-2, the same thing as synthetic marijuana, but it’s in small white bottles," said McGregor police Lt. Joe Coy.

Coy said the product can be ingested out of the bottle or wiped onto cigarettes and smoked.

Synthetic marijuana products are three times more likely to be associated with such conditions as tachycardia and hypertension and five times more likely to be associated with hallucinations, according to a U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention report, which says, given the rise of the products, “outbreaks of unexpected toxicity associated with their use are likely to increase.”

Hakim was in the McLennan County Jail Thursday facing a list of new charges including money laundering, two counts of possession of a controlled substance, making a false statement to police and theft of a firearm.

Hakim was released from jail September 2012 after he posted a total of $105,000 bonds on charges of money laundering, falsifying a government document, theft under $20,000.

Hakim was previously arrested on Sept. 3, 2012 when agents raided two convenience stores, one at North 18th Street and Herring Avenue and one at North 19th and Alexander and Avenue.

Coy said police believe Hakim had secured the new building that authorities raided Wednesday and was planning on moving gambling machines and store stock from the other two stores and re-opening his business.