Local Animal Birth Control Clinic Loses Major Sources Of Funding

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WACO (September 24, 2012)-A majority of funding for a local animal birth control clinic has disappeared, and now the clinic is searching for new resources.

The Waco Animal Birth Control Clinic at 3238 Clay Ave. was given $92,766 in state and private grants last year that went toward the neutering and spaying of animals.

One of the primary grants, a $56,000 donation from PetSmart Charities to the Waco Humane Society, went toward catching and then spaying or neutering stray cats, but that money ran out this month.

Preparing a new grant proposal to PetSmart while the City of Waco is in the process of taking over the Humane Society’s shelter could take some time, officials said.

"The timing is terrible for us to be short on the spay and neuter funding for the free surgeries," Director Carrie Kuehl said.

Another $37,000 that came in last year from the sale of Texas Animal Friendly license plates supporting the control of the animal population, but Kuehl said some buyers delayed when it came to renewing their license plates this year.

"That delay has seriously affected our funding,” she said.

Instead of going into the new fiscal year with an estimated $93,000, the clinic has just $14,175 dollars.

In an effort to make up the shortfall, the clinic plans to hold fundraisers and hopes that local donors will step up and help, as well.

"Fundraising, we hope, will help fill the gaps while we write grants to hopefully provide future stability," Kuehl said.