Local Athlete Finds Wedding Ring inside New Baseball Glove

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MART (February 17, 2014) A Riesel High School baseball player and his family are now searching for the rightful owner of a wedding ring that was found inside a brand new baseball glove he bought at Academy in Waco over the weekend.

Ryan Alexander, 16, found the ring after he went to Academy with his mother Holly Alexander to look for a first base glove.

“He wanted a first base glove, because he wanted to try out for first base at Riesel High,” Holly Alexander said.

“He must have tried on 20 gloves until he found the right one. We didn’t have a lot of choices; the one we got was the only one that would fit his hand.”

But when Alexander and her son returned to their home in Mart, they made an unusual discovery.

“He was messing with it, you know trying to break it in, and then I heard him say, ‘what is this mom? I feel something in here.’ And then he pulled out what looked like a ring."

An internet search confirmed that the ring is a James Avery wedding band. On the inside is an engraving that reads, “I love my Marine.”

Alexander feels someone lost the ring while trying on the glove in the store.

“I assume that a man tried it on and I guess the ring was too loose and it came off when he pulled his hand out because the glove does fit pretty tight," Alexander said.

"It’s pretty strange when I called Academy and told them about it, the lady I spoke with couldn't believe it."

However, Alexander says Academy told her no one has reported a missing ring to them so far.

She and her family are now looking to return the ring to its rightful owner.

“If I lost my wedding ring, I would hope that someone would try and return it to me.”

“I do hope that somebody comes forward to claim it.”