Local County Finishes Second In State Hog-Killing Contest


GATESVILLE (March 6, 2013)—Coryell County won a $15,000 award after finishing second in the annual Texas Hog Out Challenge, state Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples announced Wednesday.

A total of 891 hogs were killed in the county from October to December 2012.

The $20,000 first-place award went to Sutton County, where fewer hogs were killed, but more residents took part in educational programs, which were also factored in.

Altogether 7,150 feral hogs were killed as part of the competition.

Since the challenge began in 2010, 23,684 hogs have been killed.

An estimated 2.6 million hogs cause $550 million in damage annually in Texas.

“The feral hog population has exploded in the last 20 years,” Staples said.

“These hogs are destroying front yards, farmers’ fields, golf courses and other public and private properties all across Texas, resulting in millions of dollars in damage. This is both an urban and rural problem that directly affects our economy and the future of Texas agriculture.”