Local Couple Out Thousands Of Dollars After Break-In

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SPEEGLEVILLE (June 17, 2014) The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a home burglary which left a couple out thousands of dollars.

The burglary happened in the 400 block of Elmwood in Speegleville Tuesday morning. The thieves broke into the home while its owners were at work.

Emily Gist, one of the homeowners, says her babysitter noticed the break-in and called her immediately.

“She got on the phone and asked me if my door had been kicked in, to which I said ‘no’,” Gist said.

The thieves ransacked Gist’s home, stealing a MacBook pro, prescription meds, four guns, and jewelry. Gist says the total score adds up to an estimated $5,000.

“I feel completely violated. All of the things they went through were scattered out on our bed, and it makes me sick to think I have to sleep in that bed tonight,” she said.

What upsets Gist and her husband the most is what their stolen laptop primarily contains, which are hundreds of pictures of their 2-year-old son from the day he left the hospital until now.

Pictures they may never get back.

"Every picture from the day he was born until today was on that computer,” Gist said.

“Also videos of my grandmother who passed away a year ago were on there. All of those things can't be replaced."

The Gist’s weren't alone either. The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office says a home a mile down the road from them was broken into Tuesday morning as well.

They’re advising neighbors in the area to keep a sharp eye for suspicious activity. Gist says she’s already got a head start.

“I don't want them to do this to someone else, I don't want someone else to feel the way that I feel right now," Gist said.