Local Family That Lost Almost Everything In Fire Tries To Find A New Home

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KILLEEN (March 21, 2013)-- Georganna and Kendall Sinegal and their five children, who lost almost everything in a fire that destroyed their house earlier this week, are trying to rebuild, but finding a new place to live is proving to be their toughest challenge.

Georganna and Kendall Sinegal and their five children. (Photo by Chinh Doan)

Georganna says these past few days have been the toughest for her, her husband Kendall and their five kids, all of whom are younger than 7.

"I don't want them to know how hard it is right now," Georganna said.

A fire caused by unattended cooking Sunday destroyed almost everything they had, including the place they called home.

They’re now staying with relatives in Killeen, but without their youngest child, whom they’ve had to leave elsewhere so she could get the best care.

"It's been really hard without my 8-month-old with me, and I want her so much, but it's so much I have to do," Georganna said.

To make matters worse, finding a new home whose owner will accept federal government assistance vouchers has been difficult.

"Not a lot of people accept (the vouchers), but it's understandable," Kendall said.

"I just wish somebody would give us a chance."

The Sinegals, who are both veterans, said they've talked to 13 real estate companies and looked at dozens of homes, but so far they’ve come up empty-handed.

"I lie with the kids every night until they sleep," Georganna said.

"They won't go to sleep because they're not in their own home."

Another challenge is making sure the kids will be able to stay in the same schools.

"If they were to move schools, they'd have to meet new people, new teachers, new bus drivers, and have a new house," Georganna said.

"It would be a lot for them already."

The parents said they won't give up.

They want the children to continue being children, young and carefree.

"I just want a place for me and my kids to go so we can call our home and all be in one place and not separated and not having to be under anyone else's roof," Georganna said.

"I want my kids to have a home, have their rooms and everything back."