Local Hay Barn Fire Could Burn For Several Days

(Photo by Nichole Perez)
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CLIFTON (February 11, 2013)--A fire that broke out Monday morning in a hay barn south of Clifton could burn for several days.

The fire was reported at around 11:15 a.m. Monday about two miles south of Clifton on State Highway 6.

The first Clifton units that arrived found the barn and the hay in flames and called for assistance.

Firefighters from Valley Mills and other departments responded, but because of the nature of a hay bale fire they could not save the barn or its contents.

They were able to save two tractors and a load of feed stored in the barn

A firefighter said the fire would be allowed to burn itself out, which could take several days.

The intensity of the flames was melting the metal building, one firefighter said.

Firefighters estimated there were about 200 large round bales of hay inside the barn at the time of the fire.

There was no word on how the fire may have started.