Local Man Charged In Abduction Of Woman, Children

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WACO (September 26, 2012)-A Waco man was held Wednesday in the McLennan County Jail charged with assault, aggravated assault, trespassing and four counts of kidnapping.

Cozy Bronshae Washington was ordered held on bonds totaling $53,000, charged with four counts of kidnapping, assault, aggravated assault, threat with a deadly weapon and criminal trespassing.

Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said Washington was arrested at a South Waco residence after his common-law wife told detectives she and her three children had been kidnapped and held by her common-law husband.

Swanton said on Sept. 20, officers were sent to an address on Brown Street in South Waco after neighbors reported a disturbance.

By the time officers arrived there was no one at the house.

When police checked by the address later in the day the found Washington there and arrested him.

In a subsequent interview with detectives the victim told them on the night of the assault, when her common-law husband realized police had been called, he forced the woman and her children into a car and drove away from the scene.

When the all returned to the house some hours later, police returned.

The man told the victim if she made any attempt to contact police he would kill her with a hammer.

The interview led to warrants being issued on the kidnapping and aggravated assault charges.