Local Man Files Complaint Alleging Police Mistreatment

Patrick Narvaiz filed the complaint.
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TEMPLE (September 25, 2012) ---The Temple Police Department has opened an internal investigation after Patrick Narvaiz, 21, filed a complaint with the department alleging that officers mistreated him.

The Temple Branch of the NAACP said it is also looking into the complaint, which was filed on Sept. 20.

Narvaiz said he was working on his car on North 12th Street in Temple in front of his home on Sept. 19 when officers roughly handcuffed him and started making what he says were unprofessional comments.

A Temple Police Department arrestee information form shows that officers executed a search warrant on Sept. 19 at a home in the 2200 block of North 12th Street and recovered marijuana.

The document says several people were detained without incident at the scene, photographed, and later released without criminal charges and says that no injuries were reported at the time of the warrant service.

Narvaiz' brother, Korey Jerome, 19, was inside the home when the warrant was served and was arrested and charged with drug possession.

Narvaiz said after the incident he went to the emergency room and was treated for blunt trauma and contusions.

"Whether you’re black, white, or Hispanic you shouldn't be afraid of the badge you should be protected by the badge," Narvaiz said.

Temple NAACP President Bill Leak said the group met with the city’s police chief and is interviewing witnesses to the incident.

"We want to be there to see if there's any civil rights violations we want to ensure that we get reports and ensure that everything has been taken care of for the complainant," Leak said.

Leak went on to say the group has also gotten involved to ensure the Temple Police Department is held accountable for what it plans to do in the investigation as well.

The Temple Police Department issued a statement Wednesday saying it is working to address the complaint within 30 days.

"It is a common practice for officers to detain all persons located at the scene of a search warrant this is done for the safety of the officers, suspects, witnesses and to preserve the integrity of the investigation," Temple police Cpl. Christopher Wilcox said Wednesday.

Wilcox could not release specific details about the complaint or even say if it was filed against the entire department, officers involved, or both.

"This is an ongoing investigation both criminally, as far as a narcotics search warrant goes, and internally for an allegation made by a party who was at that search warrant," Wilcox said.