Local Man May Have Died Of K-2 Overdose

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ELM MOTT (June 25, 2013)—An Elm Mott man was found dead in his home Tuesday morning and McLennan County Sheriff's deputies said they believe the death could be connected to the synthetic marijuana product K-2.

"We have strong reason to believe the man died of an overdose of K-2", said Sheriff's Capt. Bubba Collier.

Collier could not say exactly where the man was found, except that it was in a house in Elm Mott.

Collier also said the man appeared to have been dead for some time when he was found and that authorities found evidence of K-2 at the scene.

Collier said the man's body was sent to the Southwest Institute of Forensic Science, in Dallas, for an autopsy.

The man's name was not released pending notification of his family.

Deputies were sent to the house Tuesday morning on a welfare check after a caller reported the man had not been seen in some time.

K-2 is one form of synthetic marijuana.

None of the chemicals the herbal product contains is a copy of anything found in cannabis, although the effects can be similar.

Studies suggest synthetic cannabis use is associated with psychosis and the exacerbation of existing psychotic disorders.

Extreme paranoia, hallucinations and violent behavior have also been reported.