Local Man, Sons Arrested After Scrap With Deputy

Melvin Stewart Amspacher, Sr. (left), Melvin Stuart Amspacher, Jr., (center) and Jacob Rufus Amspacher, 48. (Jail photos)
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PIDCOKE (January 27, 2014) A Coryell County man and two of his sons were charged after what started as an argument with a sheriff’s deputy escalated into a fight.

Melvin Stewart Amspacher, Sr., 84, and his sons Melvin Stuart Amspacher, Jr., 56, and Jacob Rufus Amspacher, 48, were arrested after the fight with the deputy, Coryell County Sheriff Johnny Burks said Monday.

Melvin Amspacher, Sr., posted a $5,500 bond and was released Monday after he was charged with interference with public duties.

Melvin Amspacher, Jr., posted a $29,000 bond and was released Monday after he was charged with two counts of abusing the 911 system, two counts of interference with public duties and failure to report a felony.

Jacob Amspacher remained in custody in lieu of $97,500 bond, charged with evading arrest, resisting arrest, assault causing bodily injury on a peace officer and taking or attempting to take a weapon form a peace officer, jail records showed.

Burks said a deputy who was patrolling Friday evening in the Pidcoke area spotted a man walking in the highway.

The deputy stopped to see if the man needed help and the two got into an argument, Burks said.

The argument escalated into a fight in the front yard of a nearby home and within a few minutes, two more men joined the altercation, Burks said.

At one point one of the men held the deputy down and tried to gouge out his eyes, Burks said.

Other deputies arrived within a few minutes and two of the men were arrested, he said.

The third man escaped into some nearby woods and was captured the next day, Burks said.

"They just don't seem to have any respect for the law," Burks said.